Wholesale Voice

Wholesale International Local Inbound

It pays to be a local. Gaining a local presence in new global markets is key to establishing yourself in these areas and growing your business. The safarifone® Wholesale International Local Inbound (ILI) service is designed to be your foundation for capitalizing on new global opportunities by offering local telephone numbers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our service has the ability to securely originate calls to Level 3 provided telephone numbers across the globe, aggregate the traffic, and hand it off to any IP endpoint. And our service does not require the capital investment associated with traditional telephony access, so you can enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively. The Wholesale ILI offering is designed to provide you with the reach, efficiency and flexibility you require to grow your business.

Wholesale International Local Inbound Service Benefits

Global Reach: This service provides origination from approximately 26 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America, helping you reach your customers wherever they are.

Flexibility and Control: You have the flexibility to add other services and features like network trunking and local number portability while managing and controlling the features used by your customers.

Proven Technology and Experience: Our softswitch successfully supports more than 13 billion voice minutes per month — more than 5 billion calls.

Wholesale International Local Inbound Service Details

  • Number portability (available in select countries)
  • Audio codecs: G.711 and G.729a
  • Signaling protocol: SIP with IP hand-off
  • Local DDI numbers in 26 countries

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