Innovative technology is at the core of every successful SafariOne installation. Designed for carrier-grade performance, the SafariOne platform is designed for high-availability with multiple redundancy models that fit your business’ unique needs. Vertical and horizontal scalability ensures maximum CPU utilization for individual component processes while enabling a dispatcher to balance the load across multiple machines.

The SafariOne platform implements a variety of security mechanisms such as access control, authentication and encryption to secure data-at-rest and data-in-transit in the network, application and data layers. Built-in resiliency enables core applications to continue to function in the event of single or multiple failures in network hardware, storage components or third-party software.


Network availability is key to building a successful telecom business. Designed for carrier-grade performance and dependability, the SafariOne high-availability platform implements multiple redundancy models and automated IP address takeover to maintain availability.

Our platform architecture uses the HA (high availability) module that implements a heartbeat-based virtual IP address takeover scheme. Each physical machine or server in the platform can potentially have its own hot-standby server that may be independently active, running an application on a different IP address, or can be configured as a passive standby to an active server to form a cluster.

  • Hardware/network failover capabilities enable physical or virtual machines to be operated in clusters in which machines can be active or on standby to ensure continuous operation
  • Application failover ensures the continuous performance of services in the event of software failure
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Designed for scalability, we use multi-processor, multi-core hardware platforms and virtualized cloud-based environments to ensure continuous high performance as you grow. Individual component processes can be vertically or horizontally scaled separately from other components to meet your changing technical and business needs.

For example media server processes can be spread across multiple hardware components or virtualized partitions in order to handle the intense CPU and network demands without compromising on performance.

  • Vertical scalability is supported through single threaded non-blocking IO based implementation of application processes that results in the maximum CPU utilization for a process.
  • Horizontal Scalability is supported through a dispatcher/load balancer mechanism in which individual protocol connectors may be spread across multiple processes on either the same machine, multiple machines or across different geographical areas of the cloud.
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We are a PCI DSS certified company across all our technology development processes. The SafariOne platform is built according to secure design and development practices such as CERT, OWASP and other industry produced guidelines. A variety of security mechanisms have been implemented in the SafariOne platform for securing data-at-rest and data-in-transit. These include access control, authentication and encryption for securing data at the network, application and data layers.

  • Network communication security is supported through Transport Layer Security (TLS), authentication for all incoming and outgoing communications and network level traffic administration control.
  • Application security is performed at the platform level through strong access control, transaction & service authentication and secure processing.
  • Data security is performed using encryption, hashing and message authentication codes that ensure both data confidentiality and data integrity.

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Resilience is one of the most important features of any carrier or telecom grade solution. Core applications must be designed for fault tolerance in relation to their network, storage, hardware and third-party software components that are by nature prone to failure. Fault tolerance and resilience keeps services functioning despite the failure of one or more components that are part of a service delivery chain.

The SafariOne platform provides resilience through the following built-in mechanisms:

  • Process Monitoring and Automatic Application Restart to cope with process failure when a “dead” application process is detected
  • VIP Takeover to cope with machine failure
  • Failover to Standby Cluster to cope with cluster failure in a DR site
  • Load Balancing /Clustering to cope with application node failure
  • Memory Cache for Service Critical Data to cope with storage failure
  • External (Distributed) Session Store to cope with transaction processing node failure and to continue serving active transactions
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